Foreign Supplier Verification Program Workshop | 3/21-22/2019

FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Program) Workshop

Effective May 30, 2017, impacted companies are expected to follow the FSMA FSVP legal requirements or face a disruption in supply, business impacts, possible fines, and penalties. In short, this requires that companies ensure that receipt of foreign food includes the necessary information to be adequately inspected and verified.

This class takes you thru the requirement, including:

  • Determine the receipt information under FSVP to verify approval of each shipment of each product by lot identity.
  • Confirm the existing information that may already be required for each shipment, including COA by product lot and FDA registration number (with expiration date).
  • Document the actual site of manufacture of the foreign-supplied product, including the location, contact information, operator, and Qualified Individual overseeing the Food Safety Plan.
  • Require declarations with each shipment stating that the supplier is in good standing with FDA and their foreign government’s food safety regulations. Provide a list of all programs under FSMA (Food Safety Plan and Section 17 cGMPs) with each shipment under an authorized signature.
  • Include any additional information that is required under the FSVP that adequately confirms compliance with the company’s program, product requirements, and FSMA.
  • Establish and maintain receipt records on all information that can be accessed and inspected at the request of inspection authorities for at least two years.

LOCATION:  Firedancer Coffee Consultants, 5400 Newport Drive Ste 9, Rolling Meadows IL 60008.  For questions, please contact us at

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