Professional - Firedancer, Illinois - 7/15-18/2019

The Green Coffee module covers the key concepts surrounding green coffee, from growing the plant, through processing, shipping, storage and arrival at a roaster.  It includes principles of coffee growing, processing and green coffee grading and coffee contracts and green coffee portfolio management.

The Green Coffee curriculum covers the following subjects:

  • Theoretical principles - botany, climate, global spread
  • World production – species, statistics
  • Coffee farming – land tenure, plant management
  • Coffee processing – methods, grading, wastewater management
  • Markets – futures market, contracts,
  • Storage and transport – seasonality, storage conditions, documentation
  • Coffee certification – traceability and accreditation
  • Decaffeination – caffeine, methods
  • Equipment and maintenance – includes space requirements
  • Planning and financial management (Professional level only) – stock management, price control

Professional is suited to people who have worked for at least two years in a job related to green coffee. It builds on the knowledge gained at Intermediate level and prepares the student for managerial jobs within the industry. There is a focus on purchasing and market structures in this level of the module.  Good knowledge of other Coffee Skills Program modules, especially Intermediate Sensory Skills, is highly recommended for anyone wanting to study at this level.

LOCATION:  Firedancer Coffee Consultants, 5400 Newport Drive, Ste 9, Rolling Meadows IL 60008.  If you have any questions on classes being held at this campus, please call 630.387.6651 or email

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Tuition Fee $2,000.00
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